All of our candles come with a 20cm piece of soy-coated cotton wick. This will help with lighting any candle more-safely, but will prove to be especially-useful with jar candles; the sturdiness will carry the flame from lighter to wick with ease.

Ensure that the wick is extinguished after use as it will continue to burn.

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With every order, you'll receive a miniature jar candle containing wax filled with a fragrance oil. The scent is selected at random and the candle will burn for around 10 hours.

Because of their smaller size and the jar's proximity to the flame, these can get hot more quickly; remember to extinguish the flame every 2 hours and allow the jar to cool.

When first lighting, allow the flame to establish itself and the wax to pool to the edges of the jar; this will take about 1 hour. Then extinguish the flame and allow the jar to cool and the wax to set; trim the wick (or break it off) so that there's about 5mm left. Then relight.